Sharon Chimming, M.SLP, Reg. CASLPO

​Sharon has a passion for learning and development, whether it be pursuing her own ongoing professional development or supporting the growth of others.  This led to her current career helping others to meet their communication, social and literacy potential.  She completed her Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 2001.  She practices from a strength-based, client-centered approach.   


Sharon has extensive experience supporting children and young adults with a broad range of learning and development profiles.  Her speech-language experience includes providing:

  • assessment and intervention for speech production, language expression and comprehension, auditory memory, social cognition, social communication, literacy, AAC (PECS, Core, LAMP), aphasia, brain injury, fluency; 

  • preschool and early learning services; 

  • consultation (via special education teams in elementary and high schools) regarding learning strategies, accommodations, IEP goals;

  • consultation to ABA, autism transition, structured learning and Section 23 programs;

  • life skills supports for teens and young adults;

  • professional development workshops for educators (on supports such as visual structures, perspective taking strategies, social scripts, AAC, strengths-based literacy programming);

  • parent and caregiver coaching/workshops.

For more details, or to schedule an appointment call:       (905) 550-5636